Val Creative

Welcome to Val Creative, the dynamic heart of Val Media. As pioneers in video production, digital ads, social media management, and influencer marketing, we’re dedicated to crafting compelling narratives, amplifying your brand, and fostering vibrant online communities.

We’re not just telling your story; we’re bringing it to life.

Our Services


We curate engaging, innovative editorial and video content that shines a spotlight on brands, capturing their essence while enthralling audiences with the power of compelling narratives and striking visuals

Digital Advertising

Your brand can leverage Val Media’s custom audience to run targeted, high conversion marketing campaigns in multiple product categories

Social Management

We can help your brand reach what we have achieved on our own media channels, using the same methodology that we have to achieve strong social media presence and engagement


Video Production

  • Digital and Social Video Production
  • Virtual production
  • Series development
  • Livestreams


  • Shopping Guides
  • Collaborative Content
  • Articles

Digital Management

  • Google, Meta and TikTok ad management
  • Custom audiences across Southeast Asia
  • Travel, e-Commerce, Beauty, Technology other key verticals

Social Media Management

  • Social Channel Management
  • Social Content Production
  • Livestream & Social Commerce
  • Content Strategy