Our Platforms

Since 2018, we grew from operating our flagship media, ProductNation, to a network of 5 media brands with presence across Southeast Asia. We have also expanded our offerings to include other media and creators, meticulously curated to ensure they are advertising friendly.

Our experience in the creative and production space is capable of producing the same creative, high production value content you see on our media network for you own brand.


Southeast Asia’s leading product recommendation and lifestyle media


Vie by ProductNation
Female-led social channel, covering topics in Travel and Lifestyle


Aliff Channel
Cross-platform explainer and entertainment content in Bahasa Malaysia


Ho Kang
Mandarin lifestyle social channel with a focus on entertainment and deals


Thailand-based lifestyle social content network, with a focus on creator empowerment


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Branded Content

Branded content from Val Media’s properties is an immersive storytelling experience that seamlessly integrates your brand into engaging narratives.

Leveraging our diverse digital platforms, from editorial stories on our website, or engaging stories on our social channels, we tailor content that resonates with your audience, enhancing your brand’s visibility and impact in an authentic and meaningful way.


Amplify your brand by leveraging our high-performing web content that resonates with a vast, engaged audience. Align with our well-regarded video series as a sponsor, associating your brand with our trusted, quality productions.

Or, integrate into our editorial calendar, co-creating content that weaves your brand naturally into our planned narrative, fostering sustained audience engagement across our diverse platforms.


Expand your brand’s reach instantly to our robust audience of millions across Southeast Asia with our high-performing advertising products. With a range of ad formats meticulously designed for optimal engagement, you’ll tap into a receptive market eager for fresh, compelling content.

Our ad formats consistently outperform industry averages, offering superior engagement and clickthrough rates, thus ensuring your brand enjoys maximum exposure and interaction, driving your advertising success to new heights.

EDM Marketing

Tap into Val Media’s engaged newsletter subscribers in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines to enhance your brand’s visibility. Capitalise on our rich, relevant content to position your brand effectively, leveraging our platform to increase awareness, drive engagement, and achieve your marketing goals.