Shaping the Future of the Creator Economy

At Vantures, we’re more than just a platform; we are a commitment to the evolving world of creators. Recognising the limitless potential of the creator economy, we endeavour to be its foundational pillar, nurturing both established and budding talents.

We operate under the tenet that everyone holds the potential to be a creator. With an eye to the future, our upcoming academy is designed to cultivate this potential, transforming passion into prowess.

Our Services

Talent Sourcing

Identify and pick the ideal talent for your campaign, either from our roaster of in-house creators, or thousands of KOLs/KOCs across Southeast Asia


Our team has tremendous experience running engaging livestreams, from effective vertical-streams on TikTok/IG, to elaborate streams on Facebook/YouTube

Event Hosting

From elaborate in-person events, to engaging digital streams, our roaster of event hosts can help plan your event and charm your audience

Social Commerce Affiliate

Our experience with both content and effective affiliate marketing allowed us to plan high converting content regardless of platform

Joint Ventures

Leverage on our expertise to build strong social engagement to either start a new co-owned channel, or bring your existing channel to life